Licence is arrived

Posted by 7Z7AA - October 31, 2011 - blog - 2 Comments

The license has been granted by the Communications and Information Technologies Commission CICT, the authority for radio amateurs in Saudi Arabia.
The team leader asked also the pre-registration of the call sing 7Z7AA for LOTW.
We will keep you updated about the news from this NEW ONE IOTA Dxpedition.

license 7Z7AA


  • 7Z1CQ says:

    Today the call sign was approved from LotW we received the certificate TQ.6 from ARRL

  • 7Z1CQ says:

    Today we move to the island of Mount Laith
    So far, it all started and organized according to the schedule
    Unfortunately there are no contacts for the Internet or mobile network coverage
    Log Book will be updated every two days

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