6th IDXC live streaming

Toworrow, E44M team will take a part at the 6th DX Convention of Strange Radio Team. Live streaming will be provided by Mogulus. The slide (in English) of the presentation of E44M will be shared in PDF version few minutes before the start of the speech on www.iz4aks.net. Question via Mogulus-chat will be appreciated also in english language. Don’t forget to follow our live-twitting directly from the conferance on www.twitter.com/iz4aks .

QSL is ready!

In few days the first supply of cards will arrive to our managers Simone IZ0BTV and Les SP3DOI. We will start to answer to the first direct QSL as soon as possible.

The trailer in HD

E44M in figures

E44M: uploaded on LOTW

We came back from Palestine one week ago. During these seven days We fixed a problem on the ADIF file. It was not easy because the same software in different releases produced some tags not 100% ADIF compatible.
Anyway, as We promised You the log of E44M was uploaded on LOTW. If there are some problems, contact the QSL Manager using this email: qsle44m@gmail.com . Please, don’t use other systems. A simple email message will be enough; Simone, IZ0BTV will reply You as soon as possible.

E44M went QRT

Noises in E44M

We had strong noises from all the electric motors in the neighbourhood. Nothing is grounded here and for sure We had big problems with 3 king-size lifts (elevator) in our hotel. When the pilgrims come back to the tours (sunset) or go out (sunrise) we had much much more noise. You can imagine at lunch time. when the lift are full! But these are not the only noises that are jamming us. Here is an example with the stronger signal…this is the disturb during the high signals from Europe, think about when the signals are coming from long path….It is a very hard job. Plus we have strange noise (time to time) that seems some military jam…but we are not able to identify these noises.

Arrived in E4

We are arrived to destination. Unfortunately It is too late to build the setup.
It is completely dark and it is dangerous walk on the roof. We will get up early and start to erect the antenna systems starting from tomorrow. But now…the temptation  to be on the air is too high, and We are creating an indoor dipole just to make some test with the RTX and the interfaces. Unfortunately, propagation was completely death.

IK7JWY: pilot station

The pilot station for our activity from Palestine will be Arturo, IK7JWY. He will be our main contact with the community of amateur radio operators. Thanks to Arturo, everyone can give a great help sending information about problems, suggestion or simple comments. Arturo has a great experience in contesting and dxing. Licensed in 1988, He is an homebrewing and CW enthusiast. He had important results in contesting: multi-operator team IH9P (2002-2003-2004-2005 first world in their respective WWDX CW and SSB contests), Single-Operator IH9M 2007 (first world and new world record as S.O.80m High Power Assisted in the WWDX-CW). Now, He is mainly active on 20m CW & SSB.
The function of the pilot station will be to collect requests and suggestions relating to the DXpedition, and then forward them to the team, and communicate to the public any instructions or informations from the team.
The online communication with the pilot station will be only in the forum support of the DXpedition, through messages from users in the special area of discussion. This will make useful for everyone the request made by someone.

Hamradioweb Official Forum

E44M team will use Hamradioweb as forum to share information about the DXpedition in Palestine directly with the community of the dxers. During the operations, feel free to put your questions or suggestions there.
The forum will become soon the only one
meeting place for open discussion of various topics about the dxpedition that the operators will check day by day.



The call-sign of evry single supporter will be printed on the QSL cards.