Archives of the “73 Amateur Radio Today”

Who remembers the “73” Magazine?  If you have a good memory you already knowwhat I’m talking about otherwise you can open the link that I report in this article. In fact, the Jefferson County Amateur Radio Club tells us that the “73” magazine (also known as 73 Amateur Radio Today) has published its archives to this address:

This impressive database traces all the years of the magazine from 1960 to 2003, for a total of 511 publications.

Indeed, the archive is published in a truly professional and offers a variety of reading formats: PDF, EPUB, and Kindle.

The publication is also accompanied by a powerful search engine that allows youto find content of interest to you through thousands of pages.

If you like vintage, and if you take a dip into the past of this hobby, this link willundoubtedly be placed among the favorites.

Happy reading!

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