HB9STEVE: Steve Jobs, commemoration of an historical figure!

Steve Jobs, a name that many will recognize, is among few geniuses (think of the founder of Facebook) who have managed to radically change the way we work, our society and our lives. He’s the man who revolutionized the world of technology. It is precisely for this reason, that a small group of intrepid radio amateurs in Tessin (probably a European first) has decided to give tribute in memory of this historical figure, the founder of Apple.

The Radio Group HB9ON has received authorization from the Federal Office of Communications (UFCOM to transmit on all Amateur Radio frequencies and for the entire month of November, using the special callsign HB9STEVE. Historically, amateur radio operators have covered a fundamental aspect of radio communication, especially in cases of emergencies and natural disasters.

Increasingly, computers have entered the world of amateur radio, and operators have taken advantage of new technologies to experiment and discover the enjoyment of radio communication (think of the new digital modes, moon bounce, satellites, etc.).

The event aims to pay tribute to Steve Jobs, the changing of an era in technology and the way he was able not only to confront his illness but also the management of his entrepreneurial genius. Beyond the memorial aspect of the event, the group of amateur radio operators wants to follow on the momentum started in the United States, where events have already been organized in remembrance of the genius of Cupertino.

For this reason, the amateur radio group will operate especially in morse code (also known as CW) to highlight a way of communicating that seems to have disappeared in the recent decades, but which, both in the fields of amateur radio and the military, still holds a great deal of interest. All radio contacts made during the month of November with amateur radio operators around the world will be confirmed in electronic form and with a special postcard that will be printed in commemoration of this special event.

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  1. IZ3JIO says:

    Steve Jobs, era un bravissimo venditore, non un informatico (almeno negli ultimi 25 anni), la gran parte delle ‘invenzioni’ attribuite a lui in realtà esistevano già, le ha solo rivendute dando un’immagine diversa.


    tanto vale fare i nominativi speciali dedicati alla Belen in dolce attesa o al personaggio di turno.

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