T32C – Christmas island Bulletin # 6

We have just received T32C  Christmas Islands bulletin #6 by Don  G3XTT and are spreading the news.

FSDXA Christmas Island DXpeditionBulletin No.6 

This Bulletin is written Friday afternoon Christmas Island time. We have been busy the past two days erecting antennas for all bands 160 through 10, as well as setting up stations and the IT network, which interconnects all logging positions and provides lots of data for helping us plan the operating schedules once we are under way. Everything has gone well during set-up, with great co-operation from the staff of the Captain Cook Hotel. For the record, our advance party (G3NUG, G3USR, DK1II) made around 1800 QSOs on 10 and 20m, using 100 watts (FT-450D) to a small vertical by the sea, so we are confident that we should be able to make a big impression on the bands once we are fully operational. Our plan is to commence operations at midnight local time today here in Christmas, which is 1000 UTC Friday 30th September. We expect to be active on several bands from the start. We do, however, have only one station per band for the time being, so for the first few days will probably alternate modes on a (roughly) 24 hour basis. On the non-WARC bands we expect to start on CW and then, at 1200 UTC on Saturday, move to SSB and make a serious multi-multi entry in the Oceania contest (which runs for 24 hours). This should get our SSB operations off to a great start. We are able to work all comers in the contest, so we very much want your call, whether you are taking part or just need a T32 QSO. We will give you a contest report (RS+serial number); if you are taking part please give us your serial number in return. OTHER DXPEDITIONS We are very much aware that there are other expeditions active at this time, and will take every care to avoid causing any sort of mutual QRM. This may well mean that we operate on frequencies other than those that we pre-announced. No doubt we will be spotted on the Cluster network, in any case. ONGOING PLANS We remain committed to maximising band openings to Europe, but expect the number of callers in the first few days to make this difficult if not impossible. But bear in mind that we will be active for 3 weeks and four weekends, so there should be plenty of opportunities (propagation permitting) for a QSO. We will continue to send out news and photographs when the opportunity arises – our website is being regularly updated by webmaster G3WPH and those of who you who use Twitter can follow us on G7VJR’s Twitter feed (@G7VJR). 30 September 2011 Don Field G3XTT(FSDXA Publicity Officer) Photo credit Flickr DIAC Images

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