VA7DIN/mm – around the world on a sailboat!

Dinis G.G. Matias, VA7DIN with his wife Veronica, set sail last July 20, 2010 from Richmond (Canada), for a voyage around the world aboard his sailboat “s/y VIDA NOVA,” a Niagara 35, about 11 meters long, designed by Mark Ellis and built by Hinterholderin St. Catherine – Ontario, Canada. They are currently off the Chesterfield Islands (TXØ) (Pacific Ocean) and are headed towards the east coast of Australia (VK).
Dinis has been quite active on the radio and while almost exclusively on 20 meters (SSB), he is operating on board with an ICOM M802 and an antenna tuner with a wire antenna. It’s possible request a QSL via the bureau or directly to the crew: 130-8191 Westminster Highway, Box 240, Richmond, BC, V6X 1A7, Canada.

A blog was created and is updated daily, along with the log book, where they are also inserting pictures of every place they visit. The link is as follows

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