100 Years Ago – The RMS Titanic Sends SOS

When during the night of the 14th of April, 1912, a young Welsh ham radio operator by the name of Arthur ” Artie” Moore  copied the CW message “CQD Titanic 41.44N 50.24W” – hardly anybody would believe it, given that the Titanic was considered unsinkable.The “come quickly distress” call (CQD) was then followed by the dispatch of the SOS:  “CQD CQD SOS de MGY  Position 41.44N 50.24W. Require immediate assistance. Come at once. We have struck an iceberg. Sinking.” The situation was clear as crystal…the Titanic, dubbed unsinkable, foundered in the Arctic ice.

With our pastime, and unfortunately, as relating to this historical record –  we are the first to arrive at scenes of disaster, from every corner of the globe, only to penetrate the airwaves. In memory of this tragic event, which today is marked by its centennial anniversary, we leave with you with this account, dedicated to this Welsh OM:  http://news.yahoo.com/wales-remembers-connection-titanic-sinking-155117326.html

– also a video tribute to the message sent, this plea for help which shocked the world at the moment of disaster, which however, was able to do little at that moment to save the lives of so many people.

A special thanks to Frank Davis VO1HP

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  1. very good story with an angle on things I’d never heard before.

  2. Cool article about radio history!

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