Hamradio Gear Giveaway

We are pleased to have received word from Jeff, N1SNB, allowing us to spread the news regarding this great initiative.


If you’re like me, getting on the air after getting your first license was a little challenging.  We bugged our parents.  Pennies were saved.  Numerous “compromise” measures were taken to get that first station on the air!  My company, Amateur Radio Supplies LLC, of Haverhill, Massachusetts seeks to help a few lucky young hams get on the HF bands and make some contacts!  Do you know any deserving young hams? We will be giving away three complete HF stations per year in order to support activity on the ham bands.

My sincere hope is that you can spread the word to your club membership.  Link the giveaway from your club website, mention it in your newsletter – anything you can do – to help make sure this program is a success is greatly appreciated. The more kids we can get on the air, the better!

If you have a young ham to nominate, e-mail us.  Otherwise, individuals are invited to apply right from our website:http://www.amateurradiosupplies.com/youth-s/222.htm

Your support is greatly appreciated.  The future of ham radio depends on youth activity.  Please help spread the word.

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