KH9/WA2YUN – Wake Island

Col, WA2YUN is currently active from Wake Island (IOTA OC-053) and will be on the air another year or more as KH9/WA2YUN.He will be active on the HF bands including 160 and 80 meters.

He will also be active on 6 meters.

QSL via K2PF.

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2 Responses to "KH9/WA2YUN – Wake Island"

  1. Gary G4IFB says:

    Col made a guest appearance on the 14183kHz ANZA net at about 0530z. He was loud down here in NZ and would have been an ATNO (All Time New One) for me, except that I wasn’t on the net list and he had to shoot off for work.

    I hope he is interested and keen enough in ham radio to put some hours in during his spell on KH9, and thick-skinned enough to deal with the kind of pressure and abuse that we heard ZS8M and VK0TH being faced with every time they went on air.

    [FWIW] DXers, friends, please take it easy on him, especially for the first month or two until he settles in to the incessant slog of handing out the ATNOs. Please think twice about spotting him, especially if he already has a sizeable pileup.

    73 GL
    Gary ZL2iFB

  2. Greg VE3FAX says:

    Ahh yes Gary (replied above), the dreaded DX Spotting. How much more fun it was before the “lazy Hams” crutch came along.

    FYI, he is also running WSPR mode and is a good alternative for those wishing to make contact, while avoiding the pile ups. This was an UNSKED, unspotted contact and made it more fun seeing the call and distance and exotic location pop-up in the decode.

    2012-08-07 13:26 VE3FAX 14.097091 -22 -1 FN04gf 5 WA2YUN RK39hh 10285 300

    As you can see, WA2YUN at grid RK39hh copied me XMITG with 5 watts at a distance of 10,285 Km.

    I realize it’s not the same as a live 2-way personal voice or code contact, but qualifying for me, none the less.

    73 and TNX Col!

    Greg VE3FAX
    FN04 North of Toronto, Canada

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