DxPedition to Mali/TZ: Getting Tougher by the Day

(translation by Mark Kelley W0BG)

Our editorial staff continues to dig deeper into the World of DX, where in the last few months, at least here in Italy, the failed DXpedition to Mali has not gone unnoticed. Well, we could be talking about a real lost opportunity for those that truly follow DXpeditions, even when  it’s not really the rarest country.  Mali finds it’s place right at position 100 in the  Most Wanted Countries 2011 special classification (clublog.org).

The TZ5T DXpedition, was organized by friends of the Italian Dxpedition Team.  This experienced all Italian group of top-notch operators (I2YSB, IK2CIO, IK2CKR, IK2DIA e IK2HKT) was supposed to take main stage from the 12th to the 27th of last April.

On 5 March we reported the difficult situation created in Mali on our web pages http://www.dxcoffee.com/ita/2012/03/07/tz5t-mali-italian-dxpedition-team/, so much so difficult that a military coup on 22 March overthrew President Amadou Toumani Touré; while in the north, the advance of Tuareg rebels brought a declaration of independence to the region of Azawad.

The International Community, thanks to mediation by the  Econonic Organization of West African States (ECOWAS), reached an agreement in April to form a transition government led by parlamential President Dioncounda Traoré. On 17 April the appointment of Cheick Modibo Diarra to Prime Minister was announced, President of Microsoft Africa and founder  of the Rassemblement Pour le Développement du Mali (Alliance for the Development of Mali).

In the meantime, junta leaders agreed to restore power to the new civil authorities;  MNLA has proclaimed the independence of Azawad, the region to the north, with specific reference to the principle of self-government of the people, more precisely that the “new state” respect the borders of neighboring countries, the United Nations and that it be governed according to democratic principles.

This declaration of independence of Azawad is anything but conclusive.  The situation in the north of Mali is anything but clear.  The MNLA has also affirmed its own self-determination and has declared as it’s sole objective the achievement of autonomy from the central government, but as such, the representation of this movement would seem somewhat less clear to the affected population.

If all this is meant to be, this could spell the creation of a new Country for DXCC!

But the real problem is that all of this does nothing more than to undermine an already tenable situation for the population in an impoverished area. In fact, circumstances are anything but difficult in addressing the plight of some 200,000 refugees, the majority of which are in  parts of  Niger and Mauritania.

At least for the moment it would seem impossible to see an impending activation from Mali on the part of an international team.  And it is assumed that the situation will not change; the prefix TZ, will certainly end up on the 100 Most Wanted Countries List.

Radio activity aside,  one thing remains above all else, that all is resolved for the ultimate benefit of the people of  Mali.

Sources: Limes / Reuters

Photo credits by flickr:emilio labrador.

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