HA5AO  and HA5UK will be active from the island of Nauru 10 January – 6 February, 2012 with the call C21HA.This news comes after after learning postponed and then canceled their activity from DX entities T2 and T32, 3D2.

But let’s see why  Pista HA5AO  and George HA5UK  made this decision.

The cancellation of operations from Tuvalu T2, T30, T33 and 3D2 is due from a government declared national state of emergency on Sept. 28, 2011 owing to a severe shortage of drinking water. The state of emergency was declared after the existing desalination plants had been severely damaged, worsening an already disastrous situation. The water crisis is still severe on the islands. That most affected is the island’s capital Funafuti and Nukulaelae. The airlines are not excepting, until further notice, the loading of excess baggage, including carry-on baggage, due to the large quantitiess of drinking water being expedited by the Red Cross. The expedition team would only be able to bring with them less than a third of the material needed for setup, resulting in significant limitations for station operation, resulting in a much smaller presence on the bands. In addition, the decision was made to cancel activities as T30 flights from Fiji to Tarawa had been suspended dating back to September 12, 2011 due to an air traffic dispute between Fiji and Kiribati. With that there was the risk of extending the flight for an even longer period than expected. After consultation with the airlines and the consulate in Canberra, they were warned that “there would be a high risk of not arriving in Tarawa or once having arrived in Tarawa not being able to leave for an extended period of time. This situation did not include flights from Tuvalu and Nauru.

The DX team waited until the last, hoping that the dispute between airlines Tarawa-Fiji-Fiji had been resolved, but the flights were not restored until today.

Because of these restrictions eam decided to cancel T2HA Tuvalu and all other activities.

For this reason they decided to change their ultimate destination and have chosen to be active from the island of Nauru from 10 January to 6 February,  2012 with the call C21HA.
They plan to be active on HF.


Photo:  ARM Climate Research Facility


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