Friedrichshafen 2013 – 38° Radio Ham “The Amateur Radio Adventure – DXpedition”


14,800 Visitors come to Friedrichshafen to attend Europe’s largest amateur radio exhibition.

In late June, everyone in Europe will meet at Lake Constance – everyone interested in shortwave radio, wireless telegraphy and radio telephony. The Ham Radio, Europe’s largest amateur radio exhibition, will open its doors from Friday, June 28 until Sunday, June 30, 2013. Presenting trends, information and lectures on amateur radio topics, it also serves as a meeting point for radio enthusiasts from around the globe. 180 exhibitors from 26 countries will be on hand, presenting their products and innovations. This year’s motto for the Ham Radio, “The Amateur Radio Adventure – DXpedition”, is proof that amateur radio is not just confined to the basement, but also inspires adventure and travel. It’s indicated by the abbreviation DX, which stands for distance, DXers travel to remote areas across the world to operate their radios there. At the 64th Lake Constance Meeting of the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC), which traditionally takes place during the Ham Radio, DXpedition members will report on their experiences and their travels, ranging from destinations in the Indian or Atlantic Oceans or even Africa.


Fans of DXCoffee to a previous edition of Ham Radio Friedrichshafen

Fans of DXCoffee to a previous edition of Ham Radio Friedrichshafen

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One Response to "Friedrichshafen 2013 – 38° Radio Ham “The Amateur Radio Adventure – DXpedition”"

  1. Frank says:

    I have visit this amateur radio exhibition and this is a great souvenirs. The biggest exhibition in France is i think 20 smaller… You must make hotel reservation long time before you trip. Also this a beautiful region with a big lake and bnot far from Swiss.
    73 from FØDUW

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