JW9JKA Bear Island / Svalbard, EU-027


“Hi again fellow Hams. This years expedition goes to Bear Island EU-027, callsign JW9JKA.
This will be a part-time operation. Ive learnt some after expedtions on Jan Mayen, and will be focusing on Bands from 160 – 4 meters
Since i won’t be able to bring more equipment.

QRV: Around June 16th, 2013  QRT: around December 15th, 2013″

QSL info QRZ.com


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3 Responses to "JW9JKA Bear Island / Svalbard, EU-027"

  1. SV1GRN says:

    Hi all, does anybody know a correct e-mail for JW9JKA? The one in qrz.com does n’t work. Thanks a lot. 73

  2. Lars , LB2TB says:


    JW9JKA states on his QRZ page:

    Please be aware that im not at home, and wont be able to answer before i return home. So that means no old IRCs. I will get my son to exhange IRCs to November, but after this be sure you get the new IRCs.

    No eQSL please. SWL reports are welcome.

    Qsl to my home adress only:

    Svein Rabbevag, Brendlia 12, 6013 Alesund, Norway

  3. Scott W2LTD says:

    I was incredibly excited to reach your QTH! Best to you!


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