K9W Wake Atoll 2013 Commemorative DXpedition – UPDATE –

November 5, 2013

New photos from K9W Wake Atoll 2013 Commemorative DXpedition

(photo courtesy of Hal W8HC)












November 3, 2013

IMAGES: K9W Wake Atoll 2013 Commemorative DXpedition

(photo courtesy of Hal W8HC)
















October 28, 2013

Wake Atoll Commemorative DXpedition           Press Release #6           28-October, 2013

The Wake Atoll Commemorative DXpedition team has been approved for entry onto Wake Atoll.  Our equipment is already on Wake and in safe storage awaiting our arrival. The 12 operator team includes: Joe, AA4NN; John,K6MM; Craig, K9CT; Mike, K9NW; Ralph,K9ZO; Lou, N2TU; Jim, N9TK; Mark, NA6M; Dick, W3OA; Joe, W8GEX; Hal, W8HC and Jerry, WB9Z.

The plan is for the team to assemble in Hawaii on 30 October, depart 1 November, arrive on 2 November and immediately erect antennas and set up the stations. There will be two CW and two SSB stations on the air.  The CW site will be located across from the Arrivals Terminal and the SSB site will be housed in a “beach house” near downtown Wake.

We are planning on being QRV 3-15-November (Wake time).  If there are any changes, they will be posted on our website: http://wake2013.org/pages/bandplan.html

Logs will be uploaded to ClubLog as time and internet access allows.

This is a commemorative DXpedition.  Our prime objective is to honor the lives and contributions of the Forgotten 98 civilian contractors who lost their lives on Wake during WWII.  Some of these men have yet to be identified.  If you know any of the Forgotten 98 or their relatives, modern DNA testing may identify their remains and provide for a proper burial.  Please take a moment to look through their names. http://wake2013.org/pages/forgotten98.html

Wake Atoll is an active military base and access is extremely limited.  The Team is most grateful to the United States Air Force for allowing this Commemoration to take place.

Also, the Team wants to thank the DX community, including generous worldwide foundations, clubs, individuals, equipment manufacturers and outlets for their outstanding support of the Wake commemorative efforts.  These DXpeditions are extremely expensive and could not be accomplished without the support of the entire DX community.  Visit the website to view our sponsors and make your personal donation. http://wake2013.org/pages/sponsors.html

Please note!   A few other DXpeditions will be on the air during the Wake operation.  To avoid the dreaded “not in the log,” please be sure which DXpedition you are working!  our operators will announce the K9W callsign often to help identify your contact.

Please check our website frequently for updates. http://www.wake2013.org/
And don’t forget to sign our guestbook!
73, K9W Wake Atoll Management Team


March 14, 2013



Dear Fellow DXers:

As you know, there is a group of highly experienced DXpeditioners that will be heading to Wake Island in October, 2013 using the callsign K9W.  There were 98 civilian contractors working for Morrison-Knutsen who lost their lives on the atoll in October, 1943.  This group has been named the “Forgotten 98.”  Our operation, observing the 70th anniversary of their deaths, will be dedicated to keeping their memory alive and honoring their sacrifice.

Team Leader is Lou N2TU, and the Management Team is Joe, W8GEX; Craig, K9CT and Joe, AA4NN.  Wake ranks # 25 in DX Magazine’s “Most Wanted Survey.” and #15 in Club Log’s “Most Wanted Entities.”  A very experienced team has been formed, and they plan to operate five stations over a 14 day period, 160 to 6 meters on all modes.

Wake Atoll’s access is limited and the time frame is dictated by transportation and weather.  Official landing permission has been granted and a firm date will be announced soon.       As with other DXpeditions of this magnitude, this is an expensive adventure.   Location, transportation, island costs, and other logistics make this costly.  Therefore, we are requesting financial support from the DX community.

Procedures for making donations can be found on our website at www.wake2013.org.  You may also contact our treasurer, Craig Thompson, K9CT (craig@thompson.net) for assistance.  Our website also shows the names of those that lost their lives there in 1943.

Janet Pater, W8CAA Fundraising coordinator for the Wake Team

Commemorative Team members: Joe, AA4NN; John, K6MM; Carl, K9CS; Craig, K9CT; Mike, K9NW; Lou, N2TU; Tom, N4XP; Tom, ND2T; Dick, W3OA; Joe, W8GEX; Hal, W8HC and Jerry, WB9Z.

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3 Responses to "K9W Wake Atoll 2013 Commemorative DXpedition – UPDATE –"

  1. Craig Boyer says:

    Best wishes, good dx, and try not to spend too much time at Drifters Reef 🙂
    Craig Boyer, W5CCP

    Ex – AH9B
    Wake Is. Oct 1991, Aug 1993

  2. Larry Koziel says:

    A simple way to commemorate the 98 would be to exchange “98” rather than meaningless signal reports of 59 or 599 for each contact.

    Larry K8MU

  3. Bob - W6OPO says:

    Wish I was there. Enjoy – can be fun. I have my ears APF peaked for K9W.

    I enjoyed my short visit in 1967.


    Bob – W6OPO

    EX – KR6GJ

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