Next Weekend: Russian DX Contest 2013

This weekend, 16-17 March, we have the Russian DX Contest, on CW and SSB. It’s a 24 hour contest, running Saturday 1200 UTC through Sunday 1200 UTC. Participating bands include the” top band”, 160 meters. It’s a worldwide contest; QSOs with Russian stations are worth ten points, whereas those with your own country are given two points.You’ll get three points for QSO’s with another country on your continent and five points for QSOs with another continent. And it’s possible to compete in the Single Band category as well.

Multipliers : the number of Oblasts worked per band, the number of DXCC entities worked per band.

For the complete rules see:

As to the latest DXpeditions, 9M4SLL from Spratly is still active until Monday the 18th. You can find a variety of information at

There are some updates regarding the H44G – H40T DXpedition to the Solomon Islands and Temotu Province. At first it had been planned that a part of the H44G team would leave for Temotu Province (call sign H40T) on Tuesday the 12th, but due to bad weather all flights have been postponed, causing a waiting list. DL4WK, DL7DF, DL7UFR and SP3DOI have booked a flight for Saturday the 16th, but this has still to be confirmed.

The Scottish team that was going to operate as T2GM from Tuvalu, starting on Tuesday the 12th has had to face several inconveniences.

Now the team (with the exception of GM3POI, who is already in Tuvalu) is stuck in Fiji waiting for their luggage. They have booked a flight for Saturday the 16th, but should the luggage not arrive on time, the DXpedition will be cancelled. By the way, other operations are planned in Tuvalu, starting on March 19 with NL8F and March 23 with DK8YY, DL3ALI and  DL4JS using the call sign T2YY.

Finally, ZL7LC is active from the Chatham Islands on PSK31 only on 20, 15 and 10 meters.

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