Next weekend : CQ WW WPX RTTY and Dutch PACC Contests 2013

This coming weekend (February 9-10) will provide quite a few opportunities to test your contest skills in RTTY, CW and SSB.
The CQ WW RTTY WPX Contest is one of the most important in this mode and the hunting is on prefixes, rather than DXCC entities.
Contest Organizer: CQ Communications, Inc. (CQ).

Dates and times: February 9-10, 2013 Starts: 0000 GMT Saturday Ends: 2359 GMT Sunday
Bands: 3.5, 7, 14, 21, and 28 MHz
Contacts between stations on different continents are worth three (3) points on 28, 21, and 14 MHz and six (6) points on 7 and 3.5 MHz.
Contacts between stations on the same continent, but different countries, are worth two (2) points on 28, 21, and 14 MHz and four (4) points on 7 and 3.5 MHz.
Contacts between stations in the same country are worth one (1) point on 28, 21, and 14 MHz and two (2) points on 7 and 3.5 MHz.
The prefix multiplier is the number of valid prefixes worked. Each PREFIX is counted only once regardless of the band or number of times the same prefix is worked.

Logs in CABRILLO format should be sent to NO LATER than February 15, 2013.

Here is a list of some stations taking part to the contest:
See rules:

Not just RTTY, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article. We’ll also have the Dutch PACC Contest (SSB and CW) from Saturday 1200Z to Sunday 1200Z. Only QSOs with Dutch stations will count and the multipliers will be given for the Dutch provinces: GR, FR, DR, OV, GD, UT, NH, ZH, NB, LB, ZL, FL.

See the contest web site:

At last, we have some major DXpedition activity to report: from February 7 through 18, 5X8C is active from Garuga, Uganda with the French team  F6KOP. Their past operations were: TO7C, 5V7C, 5H1C, XT2C, J5C, TK7C, TS7C, TM7CC, IS0R, TJ9PF, PJ4C. There are 25 operators with six stations on the air. Unfortunately, the team got no permission for 50 MHz, as this band is reserved for non-ham fixed and mobile services in Uganda. To make up for it, the team is active on all HF bands, including 160 meters, in SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK. Their website is www.5×

From February 8 through 21, W7YAQ and N7OU are active in CW from Rotuma as 3D2RX and 3D2RO.

From february 5 through 11, F6BFH is active from San Andres (5-8) and Providencia (8-11) as HK0/F6BFH.

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