5R8M Nosy Be – Madascar – Photo Album

31 October 2014

Photo Album

TNX Antonio IZ8CCW by DxCoffee Staff


Antonio IZ8CCW, Diplomatic rapresentative of Italy and Gabriele I2VGW



Mrs Roberta XYL I2VGW

Roberta XYL I2VGW
















28 October 2014

Antonio IZ8CCW gives us the first pictures




27 October 2014

Antonio IZ8CCW gives us the first pictures



17 October 2014

Press Release #2

In less than few days, 5R8M, Nosy Be Island (AF057)  the dxpedition organized by the Mediterraneo Dx Club, in Madagascar from October 21st to November 4th, will be on air.

Recently we have had new great arrivals and now our complete team, with so many well know and experienced guys, is the following :

IZ8CCW – Team Leader, Gabriele, I2VGW  Team Co-Leader , ON4LO Francois, ON7RN Eric, F6ENO Alain, F2DX Patrick, F5EOT Michel, F1HRE Henri, F5NKX  Jean-Jacques, IZ2GNQ Marco, IK5ZUI Michele, IK4MTK Mario, IK4QJF Fabio, OE3JAG Karl, YO9XC Ovidio and YO5OED Feri  

The whole team is very motivated and so ready to hardly work 24/24 hours each day to give  to the greatest number possible of dxers, from all over the world, the greatest number possible of new ones baNds/modes with four stations (2 CW-1 SSB
and 1 RTTY) plus, may be, a mixed station more and really daily time monitoring the Six MEters Propagation

If, as all of us wish, the internet connection will allow it, on our official web-site (www.mdxc.org/5r8m/) , we’ll keep on touch every day with the dxer community and we’ll update our log in real time.During our permanence in Nosy Be we kindly ask you to send any question only to our  pilots IK7JTF (for Europa), N1DG (for USA) and IK0FTA for Six MEters

We’d like just to remind you that any help and donations will be very very appreciated because all the planned costs are aldready increased at the check-in for the luggage weight and the severe rules of the airline.  
We suggested you to spend a minute, time to time, visiting our web site (www.mdxc.org/5r8m/) to stay tune and to insert your comments, suggestions, etc.
We are waiting for you on air
73’s de 5R8M team



25 June 2014

From Mediterraneo to Indian Ocean

Press Release #1

Nosy Be means “big island” in the Malagasy langu age and Nosy Be, not far, from the mother island Madagascar, will be the next destination of the Mediterraneo International Dx ClubTeam !

So great news to save in your DXCC scheduled dates. First of all the call-sign: 5R8M

The leader Antonio, IZ8CCW and the co-leader Gabriele I2VGW, are happy to announce to the Dxer Comunity that, with the great help of a local friend, Michele 5R8UI, From October 20 to November 4 th 2014, therefore 16 days and 14 nights, they have planned the new  Dxpedition at Nosy Be Island. According to the evaluations that they have done, they are confident to give to a lot of dxers the possibility to work this Country in the Low bands, Warc and especially in the Digis modes. As usual the team will be an international team with 16 people coming from five Countries

On the air will be four stations around the clock

For any further news and updates please visit the official web site od Bangladesh 2013 adventure:


Any donation  will be,of course,very very appreciated by the team.


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