RadCom Plus: a new electronic supplement from the RSGB

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RadCom Plus: a new electronic supplement from the Radio Society of Great Britain

December-portal-2014The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) is delighted to announce plans to launch an exciting new electronic supplement, RadCom Plus. Aimed at extending the range of technical information available to Members as part of their existing subscription, it will complement and expand the existing range of publications: RadCom and the newcomers’ newsletter, soon to be re-launched as RadCom Basics. It will not replace the existing technical content of RadCom, but instead will allow authors and readers the freedom to explore topics in much more detail.

With its first issue planned for spring 2015, RadCom Plus will be published quarterly. Articles will cover a wide range of topics – not only to bring Members new and original ideas, but also to provide the technical background that everyone needs for ‘self-training’ beyond the UK licence exams. Authors will be encouraged to provide web links to additional content on their own websites, or to other sources.

A broad mix of topics will be covered each year, although each issue may look at just one or two in greater depth. Discussion about material published in RadCom Plus will be encouraged using a dedicated RSGB forum set up for this purpose.

Published in an electronic format only, RadCom Plus will bring together a selection of the best and most useful advanced technical information from across the world, free to over 20,000 RSGB Members.

Elaine Richards, Managing Editor, RadCom Plus, explains: “In keeping with the ethos of the RSGB, the production of this supplement will be a voluntary endeavour so payments won’t be made to authors or editors. However, we hope that people will be attracted to this international platform to share their technical expertise. If you would like to be part of this and help to promote technical advancement in the hobby, please get in touch with me.”

Heather Parsons

Communications Manager

Radio Society of Great Britain




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