Resume meetings between two Koreas

Talks between high level delegations of the two Koreas were resumed on the 4th of October, during the closing of the “Asian Games” in Seoul (South Korea).

News sources report that it was a short preparatory meeting for the next meeting to be carried out between November and December 2014.

The same reliable sources tell of a more pronounced gap between the DPRK’s military hierarchy and the young dictator Kim Jong Un, who appears increasingly isolated. In these same days, after nearly two months of silence, Kim Jong Un has reappeared in public, supported by crutches, probably due to a disease in the legs, which necessitated an operation, but there are not more news.

Maybe something is moving in favor of peace in those areas, and this is important for us. We will be doubly happy if there will be the opportunity for a team to be active from North Korea.

Sources: VOA-Asia , W7VOA

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