The 2013 Best Communication Award and Special Mention certificates have been delivered

00As you probably know, the TX5K Dxpedition received our Award for their communication skills and their ability to spread the informations to the ham community worldwide. This is our article where we illustrated why TX5K deserved such acknowledgement: Rich Holoch, KY6R explained what it means for him to receive this Award that, as we wish to remind you, has been realised with a great help and support by Dx University!

Here is what Rich stated:


The Best Communication Award 2013 plaque has been delivered to Bob KK6EK (Team Leader of TX5K DXpedition)

KY6R Shack with Best Communication Award

KY6R Shack with the Best Communication Award 2013

We can’t forget the other Dx operations that deserved a Special Mention concerning this Award 2013:



IA0MZ, operated by Massimo Di Paola (IW0HEU)


5W0M, represented by the team leader Rolf Thieme, DL7VEE



VK9CZ, operated by Keith Kerr GM4YXI and Chris Tran GM3WOJ

See you next year! DxCoffee will monitor again the communication aspect of Dx operations, as we regard it an important matter for a Dx operation’s success, both for a large team Dxpedition and single operator’s activity.

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