CDXC: The UK DX Foundation Encourages Rarer Vanuatu IOTA Activations

PRESS RELEASE (thanks to Chris Duckling, G3SVL by DxCoffee Staff

CDXC: The UK DX Foundation Encourages Rarer Vanuatu IOTA Activations

1A four man DXpedition team activated Efate Island in the Vanuatu, New Hebrides IOTA OC-035recently signing YJ0X. ( The DXpedition was a great success with
15,800 CW, SSB and RTTY QSOs made on 80 thru 6 metres.
As is often the case, the DXpedition benefitted greatly from technical and logistical help from a
local amateur, in this case Rod Newell, YJ8RN. Rod, who is Australian by birth, has lived on Efate
for many years and supports much of the HF and VHF radio infrastructure on the main islands of
Vanuatu. He travels regularly between the four Vanuatu IOTA Island Groups and while Efate is
reasonably accessible and regularly activated, the other three YJ groups are rarely activated.
These are OC-104, OC-110 and OC-111.
2In appreciation of the support that Rod gave YJ0X and to facilitate more frequent activation of
Vanuatu’s more remote IOTAs, CDXC decided to donate a Yaesu FT-450 transceiver to Rod. He
received the transceiver at the local Benjor Resort near Port Vila at the final DXpedition dinner.
Rod said “Thank you very much indeed. I will do my best to operate from the other IOTA entities
in Vanuatu.”
More information on CDXC, including a Special Offer for membership is available at:
Rod Newell, YJ8RN (right) receives the FT-450
donated by CDXC from Gordon, G3USR at the
YJ0X final night DXpedition `dinner.CDXC: The UK DX Foundation makes its DX Archive publicly available.
3CDXC: The UK DX Foundation has completed the mammoth task of digitising the club’s bimonthly
magazine, the CDXC Digest. CDXC’s long and illustrious history is recorded in the pages
of each Digest and thankfully copies exist right back to the earliest days of CDXC. These
searchable PDFs have now been added to the existing archive of Geoff Watts DX News Sheets on
the CDXC website.
The CDXC Digests start at the first edition in 1983 and run continuously to the present, with the
exception of the three most recent editions. The DX News Sheets run from the first edition in
1962 until the final edition in 1999.
CDXC is making access to this collection of CDXC Digests and DX News Sheets available free of
charge to everyone so that researchers worldwide can utilise this huge source of DX and
DXpeditioning data. The archive can be accessed from the CDXC website at
where you can also find more information on CDXC.


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