CY0C & CY0P Sable Island – Change QSL Manager

15 March 2015

Rick AI5P informs DxCoffee readers:

Due to medical issues with Gary, VE1RGB, I have taken over all QSL chores for the 2013 and 2014 CY0P and CY0C DXpeditions. Info is detailed on

73 Rick AI5P


27 November  2014

Gary VE1RGB informs DxCoffee readers:

“All direct and PayPal QSLs for CY0C received to date are currently being mailed out (except for those with insufficient postage which are being sent via the RAC bureau).  Future QSLs will be processed as received.

A very large box of bureau CY0P QSLs were mailed to the RAC bureau yesterday, including some direct & PayPal CY0P QSLs that arrived here with insufficient postage.”

73!  Gary VE1RGB



3 September 2014

Randy, N0TG, informs DxCoffee readers:

“Here is the latest update on the CY0C DXpedition scheduled for Monday, September 8…..
 Aaron Carpenter, Operations Coordinator for Parks Canada-Sable Island. Aaron reported to the team on Tuesday that Sable Island did receive beneficial rains on Monday, September 1. He advised the aircraft landing area is sufficiently firm and packed to allow normal flight operations. As a reminder, with any flights to Sable Island, VFR conditions are required at both Halifax and Sable Island. There is no runway or lights to mark the landing area on the island. Now we must hope for good VFR flying 
weather on Monday. Continue to check for the latest information. This is a one day event lead by Murray-WA4DAN.
N0TG will operate primarily on 17 CW and WA4DAN will operate primarily on 20 SSB.
VE1RGB will be supporting the operation with technical matters and logistics.  QSL VIA VE1RGB.  QSL Details also on QRZ via CY0C.”
Randy N0TG


16 June 2014

Gary, VE1RGB, informs DxCoffee Readers:

 Press Release

“While the event is still in the planning stages, Murray WA4DAN has received permission from Parks Canada for a one-day DXpedition to CY0 Sable Island, slated for 8 September 2014.  The second operator will be Randy N0TG, also a veteran DXpeditioner with prior experience on Sable Island.  They will be using the Sable Island Amateur Radio Station that Murray and the CY0P team left behind after their venture as CY0P in October 2013.  Murray will be QRV on SSB and Randy will operate CW.  Antennas are expected to be 17M and 20M Yagis.  At least one of the two stations will be QRO.

 As usual, travel will be via Maritime Air Charter using their Britten-Norman Islander.  Hours of operation will be limited by the requirement to fly during daylight hours.  With luck, the DXpedition (proposed call sign CY0C) will operate from approximately 1300Z to 2100Z on 8 Sep.
 Trip planning and logistics support are being provided by Gary VE1RGB who has been the logistics coordinator for three previous CY0 ventures and was an operator at CY0P.  On this trip, he will not be operating but will instead be providing technical and operational support to Murray and Randy, and to the Sable Island ARS.  Gary will be the QSL manager for CY0C.

 Over-night stays on Sable Island are currently not being authorized because of renovations being carried out to Parks Canada facilities on the island.”



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