DxCoffee, supported by the DX University, has assigned the 2014 “Best Communication Award”

unnamedAfter analyzing all the Dxpeditions that were conducted in 2014, our preference for the Dxpedition that stood out the most, regarding communication with the ham community, goes to FT5ZM, the Dxpedition to Amsterdam I., that operated in January-February 2014.

We have especially appreciated their website www.amsterdamdx.org, a site made to satisfy any curiosity that one could have about FT5ZM. The information given ranged from describing the island itself, a place little known by the general public, to the long crossing in the Indian ocean starting from Western Australia, to the frequent updates during the operations.

In the space where you could ask questions to the pilots (contact us), you could also find a section with the “frequently asked questions”, pointing to other important ways of communication: Facebook and Twitter. Of course there were several pictures too.


unnamed (2)

Ralph K0IR

It is a great honor for the FT5ZM team to receive this award, and we thank DX Coffee very much for it.  I look forward to keeping the lines of communication open between DX Coffee readers and future DXpeditions.  If we share our experiences, our expectations, our suggestions, and our dreams; we all win and we all will enjoy better DX.” 
Thank you!
Ralph – K0IR


Jerry WB9Z with DxCoffee flag during FT5ZM DXpedition

Jerry WB9Z with DxCoffee flag during FT5ZM DXpedition


Again this year, it didn’t seem fair to ignore other Dxpeditions that have distinguished themselves for their communication.

We have thought of five “special mentions” that we are listing below in chronological order as we don’t want to rank them from best to worst. We are not giving scores here, but we are simply taking our stand from our impressions in the scope of communication, where you can’t make clear cut comparisons.

A35V and A35X Tonga,

for fascinating us with their diary and the final account published on a35va35x.com. We have appreciated the commitment of these two operators (yes, only two!) who have adopted a simpler style as opposed to the professional one of the big Dxpeditions, but nevertheless just as captivating.




YW5D Tortuga Island,

Tortuga I. This Venezuelan team didn’t have their own website for this short (four days) Dxpedition, but have stood out for the great use of social networks and for spreading information through several web magazines.



Carlos YY5CTN (one of YW5D) & Fabrizio IU0BMP (Award Manager)


Carlos YY5CTN (one of YW5D) & Davide IZ8ESX (DxCoffee Staff)


For realising comprehensive and updated websites, that are:

FT4TA Tromelin:



Seb F5UFX (Team Leader FT4TA)

Seb F5UFX (Team Leader FT4TA)

Seb F5UFX (Team Leader FT4TA)

Seb F5UFX (Team Leader FT4TA)

VK9MT Mellish Reef



VK9MT Team with DxCoffee flag

VK9MT Team with DxCoffee flag


VK9DLX Lord Howe




The award presentation will take place in Florence, Italy at the DxCoffee Party on April 12, hosted by the Florence HamFest. To know more about this nice event, click on www.florencehamfest.com.

Special thanks to the Dx University, for making it possible to realise this award.

DX University™ A Guide for DXers and DXpeditioners




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