International Year of Light IYL2015 Award

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Claudio IK8LVL informs DxCoffee readers:

ari bluA.R.I. Associazione Radioamatori Italiani 

Sezione di Napoli “Alfonso Rosa Rosa” – Sezione di Roma  “Giuseppe Palumbo” Sezione di Torino “Giovanni Mikelli” – Sezione di Padova “Renzo Mauri “ 


International Year of Light IYL2015 Award


Activity period:  from June 1°  2015 (00.00 UTC) to December 31th 2015 (24.00 UTC)

During this time the following main special event  stations will be on air:

II0IYL at  Astronomical Observatory of Monte Mario (ROMA)

II1IYL at  Astronomical Observatory of  Pino Torinese (TORINO)

II3IYL at Astronomical Observatory of Monte Mario Asiago and Cima Ekar  (PADOVA)

II8IYL at Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte (NAPOLI)


Other 4 stations will be active with the same call sign stroke ‘P’ (“/P”)

These  IYL2015 rules award will be spread by  Internet and various press organs. 

To get  the award   you have to do at least one (1) contact with each of the main stations


The fixed stations will be installed at the Observatories and their activation will be promptly publicized by Internet, providing the call sign, times, modes of transmission and bands used. 

  • Modes : CW, SSB and  Digital mode (RTTY e PSK )only
  • Bands:  amateur radio bands  160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 meters –  There are allowed a maximum of 3 QSO / HRD every day per band and mode. 
  • Score: for every QSO/HRD with the main station  will be grant the following score: 5 point in mode CW, 4 points for digital mode and 3 points in SSB mode. The /P stations will count 2 points only for every band and mode.
  • Award: It may be required after achieving the score as follows: Italian stations 100 points, European stations 50 points, outside Europe stations, 25 points.
  • QSLs: the special event QSLs will be sent to everyone who request the award. It can be requested also for any QSOs by bureau, direct and by Eqsl as well.

Deadline: award request  must be received by February 28, 2016 by email to or by mail to Sezione ARI di Napoli  – c/o IK8PXZ Vittorio Borriello  via  Piave 142  I-80126 Napoli. Please fill the available form on the internet site of ARI Napoli, Padova, Roma and Torino and enclose log of the contacs in excel format.  No QSL is necessary. There are two versions of the award: PDF format (free of charge) or paper format. In the last case, the fee to request the award is 10 euro or 12 US$. Please, use the email above to ask for way of payment. 

A.R.I. Sezione di Napoli – IBAN IT02A0760103400001002292439

Paypal  email .


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