Liberland, is a new DXCC being born? [Update]

25 May 2015

Official post from IARU:
“Gregor S53SL,

Since Slovenia (your country), Serbia and the Croatia are all members of CEPT it seems to me that if you operate in accordance with the rules and regulations of your current CEPT license privileges then you should have no problems. My understanding is that “Liberland” is pretty much uninhabited so you will likely not get any questions about your operation from anyone there if there is no government operating within Liberland.

Best of luck.

73, Rod W6ROD

From: Gregor Kočar
Sent: Thursday, May 21, 2015 7:43 AM




29 April 2015

Liberland, is a new DXCC being born?

Liberland is a new nation, founded on April 13, 2015 on a seven square kilometers area, called “Terra Nullis”, that is, it is not claimed either by Serbia or Croatia.

The two adjacent countries are not giving much credit to this… we’ll see how it goes. Maybe in a next future the DXCC will count a new Entity. We’ll see,,,

Here is the official website




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6 Responses to "Liberland, is a new DXCC being born? [Update]"

  1. S53SL says:

    Planning to do an expedition there:

  2. Michael says:

    Gooood joke!

  3. S53SL says:

    Sometimes jokes become reality 😉
    I was in Serbian side using callsign YU/S53SL/LSA
    There is no option to work from Liberland territory at the moment due to Croatian authorities not letting anyone in, without arresting them (even their own citizens)

  4. S53SL says:

    I was there – in LSA HQ (in Serbia) working on 7MHz and 14MHz under callsign YU/S53SK/LSA

  5. 1L4K says:

    LARA – Liberland Amateur Radio Association (LARA)

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