Morse Intercom, the android app for communicate in Morse code

Morse Intercom is a free application for the Android operating system developed and implemented by Graham Jolley, a new and recently application for all enthusiast of Morse code. This program allows you to communicate in Morse code with all users connected and establish the contact with a remote stations around in the globe, through the Internet or WiFi. Morse Intercom, is an application that can automatically translate the text received and transmitted by users, playing the typical and charming sound of the CW, with the feeling of stepping back in time when you communicated with the old radio telegraphy. Now, we look closely at the characteristics of this great application. After you download the program from Google Play Store, open Morse Intercom from our Android device, we choose the type of connection you want to morse-intercom-screenshotaccording to our needs and availability of the network, then select “Internet mode” or “WiFi mode”. After this choice, then, it opens a second screen, minimal-look, intuitive, easy to manage, here lies the menu of the program and the close button, also, you can leave the program running, to allow the reception messages in Morse code as when we receive an incoming call on our device. The screen main of Morse Intercom is composed of six sections with their functions and information for the management of the program. In the first section we find the “Status”, which displays the following status messages: “Not connected” when you are still not connected to the network, “Waiting for remote intercoms …” waiting for a remote connection and “Found 1 remote intercoms” when it has found a remote station connected, but the value (1) varies depending on the number of connected stations. In the second section, we find the voice “My Callsign” to enter in the field provided our user name or callsign of the station. The voice “Remote Callsign”to enter the name to establish a remote connection private type when we want to communicate with only one station or with a restricted group of user, however, if you leave this field empty, when sending a message, will be heard publicly from other stations. The voice “Store Callsigns” to set and store our name in the system, to avoid to rewrite every time we open the program. In the third section, we find the “Enter message to send – tap Send to transmit” to compose our message to be transmitted, the program allows you to enter characters with an ITU Morse equivalent. The voice “Clear Message” to delete the message and the “Send Message” to send the text. In the fourth section, we find the “Stations that heard your transmission” in the field which displays the names of the stations that have heard your transmission. In the fifth section, we find the “Last received message – tap (Show Last) to display”, where the field is displayed the received message in Morse Code that at first listen to the playback sound and translated into text displayed on the screen after clicking on under “Show Last Received Message”. Finally, in the sixth section, the voice “Change setting – current value is below button” here are listed under the following buttons: “Set Tx Speed ​​(wpm)”, for setting the transmission speed (8, 16, 24 e 32) expressed in vpm; “Set RX Sidetone (Hz)”, to set the value of sidetone only 400Hz, 600Hz, 800Hz and 1000Hz; “Set Std TX/RX Channel”, to set one of the four channels available in this version to communicate, respectively Channels 1, 2, 3 and 4; “Set Std Text”, to set and store three messages in their respective fields and enter information such as the for the general call (CQ), Callsign, operator name, location and type of device. In addition, the program Morse intercom, you can set parameters in mode “Select Rx Only Mode” for the study, in listen-only mode and choose the speed that you prefer to practice. Finally, this application has other interesting functions, the last update is the version 5.7.0.

Source: Program 2 Anything

App Link: Morse Intercom



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