“The New DXer’s Handbook” by Bryce K7UA

“The New DXer’s Handbook” Second Edition:

New to DXing?  Check out my free “New DXer’s Handbook.”
The newly revised second edition is now available at my web site www.k7ua.com . 
The handbook is written in the English language, but thanks to Robert, SQ9EDZ, and Guillermo, HK4KM,
it is also available in both Polish and Spanish!  It will soon be available in other languages too.





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3 Responses to "“The New DXer’s Handbook” by Bryce K7UA"

  1. Your link is broken. Instead of going to k7ua.com, it lands on a 404-page at dxcoffee.com

  2. IZ8IYX IZ8IYX says:

    Hi Jonathan KA8KPN,
    Thanks for reporting. Correct!

  3. Olin WA7YXY says:

    Same result. I would really like to obtain a copy since I am new to DXing.

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