2016 Dayton Hamvention

An Amateur Radio tradition since 1952

May 20 -22, 2016

“Welcome back to Dayton and the 65th Dayton Amateur Radio Association sponsored Dayton Hamvention®

This year brings with it newer and more challenging communication equipment and methods than have never been seen until now. With the vast social networks of advertising and media to get the information to the public, being on the cutting edge of the equipment, getting that message out to the public, is the exciting part of what Hamvention® and other technical gatherings can do. We strive to bring that together with the tried and true tools of our hobby.

HV-2016-Logo_Large-1024x1024With our participation in shows in Germany and Japan, we have found the common interests of our Amateur Radio hobby that are growing and need to be showcased to bring in the youth as well as the seasoned amateur. As well as generating good will and understanding between different cultures in our hobby, we are forming friendships that will last lifetimes.

With the growing volunteer base we are fortunate to have here in Dayton, we once again are striving to make the 2016 event another memorable and successful weekend for all attendees.

Make your plans now to help us celebrate our 65th year, and help it to continue to be the “show of shows” when it comes to Amateur Radio.

My Assistant General Chairman, Ron Cramer, KD8ENJ, is working hand in hand with all of our 56 Volunteer Hamvention® Committee Chairman to move fully prepared into the changes and challenges 2017 and 2018 will bring.

Thank you for your continued support for 2016, and look forward to my role, whatever that will be, to assist in the continued success of Hamvention® moving forward.”

Best of 73’s,

Jim Tiderman N8IDS
2015-2016 General Chairman


web site: http://hamvention.org/

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