Daniel IK2SGL informs DxCofffee Readers:

“I will be active from Peru as IK2SGL/OA8 (It seems there is a discrepancy between the CEPT TR6101 and the ministerio de telecomunicaciones of Peru), the zone 8 is Amazion Forest (rare area on the air).

Active on 12, 17, 20 and 40 mt.; SSB, RTTY and CW.


Best Regards.

Daniel IK2SGL





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4 Responses to "IK2SGL/OA8 Peru"

  1. Eddy ON6EF says:

    When will IK2SGL/OA8 be active ??? No date ???

  2. Hi Eddy, I am operative from OA8. You can find me mostly on 20 or 17 RTTY on Mondays. Depending on my busy schedule I can buy out some time during the week as well. I will be here for a long time, I hope to meet you on air soon.
    73 de Jd, IK2SGL/OA8

    • Mark 9Z4Y says:

      we have worked a few times since your arrival in Peru
      I am so glad we are able to have comfortable QSOs on 10m YES folks i did say 10M!
      wishing you all the best greetings and 73s my friend,
      hopefully 2017 will bring even better things for you,

      -Mark- de 9Z4Y

      • Daniel IK2SGL says:

        Hi Mark, you are indeed one of my favourite stations I have the pleasure to talk to from the Peruvian Selva.
        10meters work great in SA and the caribbean area.
        Thanks Mark, can’t wait the next contact.
        Take care buddy 🙂
        73 de Daniel

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