KG4 Guantanamo Bay back to Cuba and the DXCC changes

In the last few days, a US President has visited Cuba after about 90 years. The meeting between Barack Obama and Raul Castro has marked the beginning of a series of new relations between the two countries.
The Cuban President has asked Obama “the restitution of the US enclave (Guantanamo) to the island”.
Should, in a near future, the Americans give the much contended territory of Guantanamo back to Cuba, the DXCC list will most probably be affected.
Waiting for that to happen, some time will have to pass for sure!

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5 Responses to "KG4 Guantanamo Bay back to Cuba and the DXCC changes"

  1. Dan Fisher AI4GK says:

    Guantanamo is incredibly important to the safety and security of the United States. It would be a terrible mistake for Obama to single-handedly turn it over to the Castros simply because he, as a lame-duck President, wants to do so. This is much more than a controversial holding facility. It is a modern, state-of-the-art military installation, which the Castros undoubtedly would lease out to Iran, Red China, Russia, or North Korea, putting many millions of Americans at risk of annihilation from a ballistic missile fired from that location.

  2. Nick VK2DX says:

    So why don’t you guys dismantle your state of the art installation and set it up in Museum of Contemporary Arts in LA or Metropolitan in NY? It could serve as everlasting example of crazy militarization of planet Earth.

  3. Larry Pfeiffer k9ku says:

    And, why don’t we turn in our guns like they did in VK so our crime rate can go even higher? WTF?

  4. Charles Pennington K4GK says:

    While it seems likely that the U.S. Detention Facility (prison) will close sooner rather than later, I find that it is very unlikely that the entire U. S. Naval Base, Guantanamo Bay will close any time soon. The Base is too important for the United States Navy as a support base in the region.

  5. va2wt says:

    Guantanamo is a Naval Base b4 to become a terrorists detention center ! Democrats doesn’t see the real impact of a closing for North America security ! Wait after the coming US Presidential election b4 to speculate !

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