Listen the signal of e-st@r-II CubeSat

The e-st@r-II, the second Italian nano-satellite the CubeSat type, designed and developed by the Politecnico of Torino, selected for an educational program ESA, it is ready to be launched into orbit April 22, 2016, at 21:02:13 UT, from the Kourou space base in South America, French Guyana, with the Russian Soyuz vehicle-ST- A VS14. For this important scientific mission, the CubeSat team invites all amateur radio community to participate in a contest to receive the signal from their new satellite, will be rewarded those who receive the first signal (audio / or waterfall) TLM, and packet and for those receive the highest number of data recorded in the first month of the satellite orbit. The e-st@r-II, once reached orbit will begin to transmit data to Earth about 30 minutes after activation, operating in the UHF amateur band for the downlink, a frequency of 437,485 MHz , speed transmission of 1200 bps, modulation in AFSK AX.25 and an output power of 500mW. The ground stations equipped with amateur radio equipment can decode with a dedicated software the telemetry data received, allowing viewing in real time on the monitor. And ‘you can send reception reports registered on the official web site of the Turin Polytechnic, using the email address of CubeSat Team ( or by using the online service offered by DropItToMe, on which passwords are required to access and amateur radio callsign after you have registered on the website. It ‘important that the receiving report, sent to the CubeSat teams, contains the following information: Name, Callsign, Time for receiving signal, Audio, waterfall (if available), Signal decoded and details about your equipment in use. The e-st@r-II is a technological experiment to demonstrate the ability to self-determination, control and maneuver. The CubeSat team is a group of university graduates, great enthusiast of space activities, engaged in the design, in development and testing of new technologies, working together with researchers and faculty, he collaborates with foreign universities, research centers and aerospace industries and the European Space Agency (ESA). The seat of the CubeSat team at the Department of Aerospace Engineering of Politecnico di Torino (Polito).

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Image Credit: CubeSat – Polito Team

Source: CubeSat team

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