PJ2/DL3LUM Curacao Island SA-099 [Photo & Update 2 April]

2 April 2016

Joerg DL3LUM informs DxCoffee readers:

“Hi dear friends,

here is my final update from PJ2 for DxCoffee. The following entities have been reached during this one week stay:

48039813-7b18-49fa-9e45-ce0b79d46dc2CE, CO, CT, DL, EI, EA, EA8, E77, FM, G, HA, HB9, I, K/W’s (many), KG4, KP4, LU, LY, OH, OK, OM, PJ2, PY, P4, SP, S5, UA, UA9, UR, VE, YV, 4A, 9A.

Almost 170 QSO’s were conducted out of which about 60 with Europe. Most contacts went on 40/30 mtr. Not bad considering this was a family holiday trip and the condx got worse in the last days. Not easy for a QRP station. The antenna remained stable against the wind up to the end of the trip.

Take note of some QSO’s to my direct carribean neighbours: PJ2/PA0VDV, P40AUA, FM4LV, KG4CUY, KP4SX, KP4JRS.

Thanks for nice contacts to CO, LU, PY, YV, 4A. Really appreciated.

A couple of operators reached me on several bands, e.g. K4DY.
Thanks to the triple leg antenna I was able to make contacts on 7, 10, 14, 18, 21 MHz. Max power was 12W if not reduced by the KX3 (itself) to protect against over-heating.

According to RBN my cw signal was observed even in VK on 40 mtr.

I have also done an “outside” visit to famous PJ2T. Nobody was “home”, but I left my QSL.

The log will be uploaded to LoTW, eqsl, clublog. I will also arrange for paper QSL’s.

This time the QSL card request winner is K1TB. His QSL arrived already on 2 April at my home address.

This concludes my 3rd IOTA QRP DXpedition (after D44TXU, EA8).

Where do I go next…? Seeing you soon again on the bands as PA1MUC.

73 Jörg, PJ2/DL3LUM


30 March 2016

Joerg DL3LUM informs DxCoffee readers:

“Hi dear friends,

last night was quite good with about 40 QSO on 40/30 mtr with NA and EU. Remember, her just 12 W max and triple-leg antenna. Some strong QRN on 40 mtr here, thus there might have been stations I could not hear.
Since I have the resort’s power supply my 2 LiPo’s (4 cell, 5 Ah) are not really needed this time and I started using them to discharge for storage. It was also the first longer operation for me with LiPo’s and a good test for this Summer upcoming SOTA activations.
This time I am using an app as logging program, KX3 Companion. It still has a lot of flaws, but with some postprocessing in ADIF it should be fine.
We went to Willemstad with our car this morning and I bought an audio cable to connect my smartphone with the KX3. Through the night I will let this run on WSPR mode to see where my signals can be heard.
BTW: this morning my signal was detected in VK on 40 mtr, ref. RBN.”

73 from the beach!



27 March 2016

Joerg DL3LUM informs DxCoffee readers:

“I tried last night on 40 mtr and this was quite sucessful. In one hour more than 30 QSO’s with W and Europe/Russia. Antenna seems to work and stands against the wind.”


“professional” antenna fixing…and view from shack.

QRV till Thursday this week.

73 Jörg



26 March 2016

Joerg DL3LUM informs DxCoffee readers:

“Hi DxCoffee readers,

short update from PJ2. We arrived in Curacao yesterday. This morning managed to set up the triple-leg antenna close to our bungalow. All seems to work, thus, can be QRV from 40 to 10 mtr. If nobody complains and the wind does not break it all should be fine. Power here 12 W with KX3. RBN spots towards all W this morning.
30 mtr was best this early morning with 5 QSO to W. I hope there will be more interest. Will operate sporadically and spot this on dxsummit.fi. For the rest will be on the beach (main reason of being here) 5 min from QTH.”

73 Jörg






20 March 2016

Joerg DL3LUM will be active from Curacao Island, IOTA SA-099, 26 to 31 March 2016 as PJ2/DL3LUM.

QSL via home call.



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