ZV2TA Tamanduá Island History

John PY2GTA for DxCoffee readers:
On November 19 and 20, 2016, CabreuvaDx activated the island of Tamanduá, belonging to the island group SA028 IOTA (Island on the air). This island is the largest of Caraguatatuba, north coast of São Paulo and had never been activated.
The planning began three months earlier, where we made contact via email with Luciano (PT7WA), checkpoint IOTA Brasil and also with Rony (PS7AB), who manages the Brazilian islands that enter the DIB (Diploma Ilhas Brasileiras).
The second step was to verify the viability of access to the island. For this we have the support of our friend PY2ALC, Trevisan, who owns a house in Ubatuba and helped us in the contact with boatmen who make the crossing and local tours. We have already analyzed the feasibility, which was considered easy (later on in the text we will talk about what is easy or difficult), we leave for the station license with special indication of ZV2TA.
The setup chosen for operation was the next step. We chose and took three radios: IC7300, IC746PRO and FT897D. Two radios in the Gazebo (main station) and a portable station for displacement in the giant beach of 150m, with kit of solar energy provided by Radiohaus. The antennas chosen for the Gazebo were: a rigid dipole of 40m, a DXV4 with wire radials for the 10/15/20/40 bands of Electril and finally a wire dipole for 80m. In the portable station we operate with an ATAS25 Yaesu.
All of the above, plus backpacks, generator, tents, cables and fountains, food and water went down to shore in 3 cars. Check list checked a day before in meeting and start to get weather information that could compromise our Dxpedetion.
The predictions were not good. Surf with 2.5m waves reaching Brazil from Santa Catarina to Espírito Santo. On Friday night it was necessary to sleep early, but the National Newspaper did not leave! Everyone, from the comfort of their homes, already with backpacks ready, heard the confirmation of hangover from the mouth of Maria Júlia Coutinho in the National Newspaper. UBRO’s friends and Duca (PY1FC) from Rio de Janeiro sent a message and asked “Do you really care?
Team in shock! The possibility of aborting Dxpedetion was debated by everyone. The news coming from the boatman was not very encouraging, either. But … we decided to risk the descent and see the face of the sea!
As soon as we arrived we saw that the sea was not for fish … nor for Amateur … Everything stirred. And we see in the background the beautiful island of Tamanduá. “Can you face it?” We asked the boatman the question. “Gives!’ All of us took off our sneakers and we started to board everything.There were 4 crossings to take all equipment and equipment, totaling 2 hours and a half.We arranged the equipment and team members for the station to be assembled.
Every time the boatman returned to the mainland, he said: “The waves are big in the mouth and on the beach, it’s wetting everything!” And really … when we were between the island and the mainland the waves were high, forcing the Piloteiro to reduce the engine to cross safely. Each wave was a cold in the belly. Ufa! Everyone on the beach with well-knit tasks went on the air quickly.
The beach that we took in was beautiful with fresh water, shade and good trees for wire antennas. Crystalline water and pleasant temperature. The main station was in the middle of the beach. With excellent opening for Europe and USA. A real haven for us Amateurs. The spread collaborated and we made good contacts in all bands, with emphasis on 15 and 40m. We serve the friends of Brazil in 80m and 10m also successfully.
​​​​​​​​​​​​A great experience that marked CabreuvaDx’s two years of existence. Everyone promised to return to this beautiful island. The team of ZV2TA was formed by: PY2XIZ Willian (Team Leader), PY2HP Lucas, PY2GTA João, PY2ALC Trevisan, PULEW Lelê, PU2UTY Edu, PU2KFL Flávio, Carlos Miguel Photographer. In ground support we had the participation of PY2VOX Ricardo, PU2YBW Jota, PU2ULN Luizito, PU2KNM Claudinho, PY2RBN Romulo, PU2VCP Pioli. We appreciate the contact and support of the Brazilian Radio amateurs and soon we will have more Brazilian islands in the Air! 73 CabreuvaDx Dx Group.

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