9N7EI Nepal [Update]

13 March 2017
Doug EI2CN informs DxCoffee readers:

9N7EI on 160M tonight 

“9N7EI will go on TB tonight perhaps starting around 18:00 UTC.   The frequency is not known.   If they find enough activity then maybe more nights will be put in.”


during day two of the trip to Nepal for the EI DX Group 9N7EI DXpedition on Fridayday 10th March 2017.

23 February 2017
Dave EI9FBB informs DxCoffee Readers:

“In just 2 weeks from now, 12 members from the EI DX Group will begin their travels to Nepal for their 10 day operation from the hills high above Kathmandu. The 9N7EI team report that they have located a different QTH which has truly spectacular views in all directions. Sited at over 6,000′ above sea level, “we now have the clear path we were looking for towards NA/EU.”

The team are delighted to announce that their requested 9N7 ‘Echo India’callsign is confirmed and our licenses have now been issued. 
The packing of over half a ton of equipment has already begun with final plans being well underway. 

For more information, photos and latest news please visit their webpage at: 9n7ei.com “

vy 73 de Dave EI9FBB
22 January 2017
Dave EI9FBB informs DxCoffee readers:
Members of the newly formed EI DX Group are delighted to announce this exciting project to Nepal, March 8th to 20th 2017. For the 1st time, this 11 man, all ‘Echo India’ DXpedition team will operate up to 5 stations continuously for 9 consecutive days on all bands and modes from 80m through 10m. 
Our QTH is located 30 kilometers outside Kathmandu, in a quiet suburb sited at 5,600′ above sea level, with great views and take off across the Himalayas.
Currently Nepal is #91 on Clublog’s Most Wanted list and a staggering #33 in North America.
For full information please see: https://9n7ei.com/
QSL via Charles M0OXO”

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