Amateur radio at risk in Algeria

We got a request from Col MM0NDX to share a statement written by Vlad UA4WHX about the current situation of amateur radio in Algeria and particularly of ARA, the Algerian radio league. Here is Vlad’s statement, as it appears on

Before anything else happens I see a serious problem here. For the reasons of the rent indebtedness accumulated between the years of 2001 and 2015, the Association of Algerian Radiomateurs (ARA) risks:

  1. Losing its place (the Club) and being evicted.
  2. Falling apart and following a suit of countries where it has happened before.
  3. If the ARA falls apart it will not be very long before the rest of the amateur radio population here in Algeria dies out.

The ARA maintains a vital role in keeping up the dialogue with bodies of the government responsible. Losing ARA as a mediator in this process will most likely result in complicating or making impossible the licensing process (Turkmenistan is a perfect example of what could quickly happen here)

The debt that needs to be covered amounts to 505,816 Algerian Dinar (DZ) which translates into 2,719 Euros if changed in the current alternative market.

Seeing the world of amateur radio shrinking in a number of countries, I believe, it would be good if the amateur radio community could step in and resuscitate the ARA before it is too late.

The rent that was exorbitant in the previous years has been negotiated down to 21 Euros per month from January 1. 2016

I am attaching a few documents received from ARA (to see these documents, please click on

1. A few older rent invoices.
2. A letter of appeal to the local business (brought no return or response).
3. Rental contract of the ARA.
4. A letter of eviction from OPGI (Government Office of Rentals).

All these documents can be published and shared. I have an endorsement for that.

It is for a very good cause. It would be good if we could make a difference. 73 VB

Note by Col MM0NDX:

* If you would like to donate to help ARA exist, then donations can be made via DX-World using paypal at — DX-World will then transfer all proceeds raised to Vladimir who will present to ARA. Please stipulate you are donating to help Amateur Radio in Algeria when using paypal. Thank you for your help in this important matter. Nobody wants to see Algeria go the same way as Turkmenistan with regards no ham radio activity.

** All donors will be listed on this page. Even 5 Euros can help.

*** Please share this info via all social media outlets or email. Every little helps. Thanks!

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  1. K4USA says:

    I would like to answer Vlad’s challenge to help the Algerians with one of my own in return – meant as an attempt to better amateur radio for us all.

    I will donate €100 for the Algerians if Vlad will agree to learn how to use LOTW for all of his expeditions.

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