Best Communication Award: special mentions


Here is the second part of our acknowledgements of the Dxpeditions with the best “communication” during the year 2016. Now it is time for the special mentions, since the proper award has been given to VK0EK, thanks to the support of the DX University!

We have decided to award a special mention to:


K5P (


EP2A (

These Dxpeditions, generally speaking, have achieved more than the main goal to make QSO, accompanying their operations with informative bulletins, press releases, and most of all, videos and pictures at anyone’s reach in these days of global internet.

Just to give some detail, how can one not appreciate the 40 minute video found in the EP2A home page? Or the pics and the press releases of VP8SGI/VP8STI that kept us informed of the hard times experienced by the Intrepid team on those harsh islands? Not to be missed either, the very nice video of FT4JA, featuring some drone views, besides the stunning pictures that revealed the natural beauty of Juan de Nova. 


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