CTU, Contest University Italy 2017

Centro Fiera Montichiari del Garda 

During the CTU, Contest University – Italy, to be held in Montichiari on March 11, 2017, stay tuned on DxCoffee.com and on our facebook and twitter pages; you will find a lot of information and pictures in real time!



Saturday 11 March 2017

Ore 9:50
Event presentation. By Romeo IK2EAD and Stefano IK2QEI


Ore 10.00
Contest Check Log
Nuove Regole Contest ARI
Relatore: Filippo, IZ1LBG

Ore 10.30
Yagi – Stack enhancing
Relatore: Justin, G0KSC

Ore 11.15
SO2R amplifier and NEWS by SPE
Relatore: Gianfranco, I0ZY

Ore 11.45
Innovazione nel Contesting
2BSIQ – Due bande sincronizzato interlacciato QSO
Relatore: Jose, CT1BOH

Ore 12.45
Contesting in 160M con 100M di Verticale RAI
Relatore: Giuseppe, IT9BLB

ORE 13,15
Contest Snack

Ore 14.00
ED8X CQ WW CW Field Day
Relatore: Mario, S56A

Ore 14.45
Simple Antennas That Work Good Using Spiderbeam`s Lightweight Telescoping Fiberglass Poles ”
Relatore: DJ0IP, Rick

Ore 15.15
40m Contesting with a “simple vertical”
Relatore: I2IFT, Giovanni  

Ore 15.45
Station Automation
Relatore: E7DX, Braco  

Ore 16.30
WRTC 2018 : Un contest Magico
Relatore: Carlo, IK1HJS

Some DxCoffee staff members will attend the convention to give real time news and photos to our Readers!!!


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