DxCoffee and the DXUniversity award VK0EK for “Best Communication” in 2016

In our annual acknowledgment to Dxpeditions providing the “best communication”, the 2016 award could not go to anyone else but VK0EK, the well known Dxpedition to Heard island.

(If you are wondering about this annual award, please see: http://www.dxcoffee.com/eng/communication-award)

The amount of information made available to the international community is simply outstanding. Even several months before the operation, many extremely exhaustive newsletters were already circulating. These are still available on www.heardisland.org/HD_pages/HD_newsletter_back_issues.html.

If you visit the Dxpedition’s main website, https://vk0ek.org, you could spend hours reading many articles with reports, descriptions and various stories of every aspect concerning this excellent Dxpedition. We said “reading”… oh well, not just that. Besides readings, there are many videos and photo galleries, giving an exact idea of what the operators have experienced.

Shortly on these pages, we will also announce the “special mentions” for those other Dxpeditions that have made a good job in “communicating”.

As a final note, this prize is being awarded with the fundamental support of the DXUniversity:

Established in 2011, The DX University™ is a multi-media program offering information, instruction and varied learning opportunities for DXers and DXpeditioners alike. The DX University has presented in-person sessions in Salt Lake City, in Visalia, California at the International DX Convention, and at several ARRL division conventions. Sessions have also been held at the W9DXCC Convention in Chicago and the ARRL Centennial Celebration in Hartford, CT.

The DX University Website presents ideas and techniques for DXers and DXpeditioners aimed at improving operating skills and lessening the growing chaos on the DX bands.


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One Response to "DxCoffee and the DXUniversity award VK0EK for “Best Communication” in 2016"

  1. Rich - KY6R says:

    Thanks very much – its a great honor, and thank you for the very thoughtful award – it is unique in the DX Community!



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