DXpeditions & Contest schedule for April 2017

The schedule that you will see, by clicking on the link, is interactive. That is, by clicking on the single callsigns, you will be redirected to the websites providing the announcements and informations regarding that Dxpedition.

By downloading the .ics file, you can add the Dxpedition agenda to the Google calendar on your Android device.

TNX to HamRadioWeb & IZ5CML


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2 Responses to "DXpeditions & Contest schedule for April 2017"

  1. G.L.Mitchell-W2MYA says:

    Great to find you,so very happy to come across your page with all of such good

    information. Thank you, Gregor, W2MYA

  2. Roger W9YU says:

    The schedule is not interactive.

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