DXpeditions & Contest schedule for February 2017

The schedule that you will see, by clicking on the link, is interactive. That is, by clicking on the single callsigns, you will be redirected to the websites providing the announcements and informations regarding that Dxpedition.

By downloading the .ics file, you can add the Dxpedition agenda to the Google calendar on your Android device.

TNX to HamRadioWeb & IZ5CML

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One Response to "DXpeditions & Contest schedule for February 2017"

  1. CE3AA says:

    Radio CLub de Chile will be active in the next ARRL DX CW 2017 under the call “CE3AA”. The following operators will be working, CE3OP (July), XQ4CW (Danilo) and Ce3KHZ (willy, as team leader). As a support of the operation they participate: CE3PBT (Patricio), CA3BKN (Cristian), CE3BMI (Luis) The group has many experienced operators in competitions, island activation and DX operation. The category of work will be Mutioperador, a transmitter, high power.
    The working configuration is as follows:
    Primary Equipment: IC-7600, backup equipment: IC-756 Pro.
    Amplifier: TEN TEC TITAN 425.
    Antenna 20,15,10 hy-gain TH6
    Antennas 80 and 40m G5RV, DeltaLoop (recently installed),
    Antenna 160: inverted v (courtesy CE3FR)
    See you in the air,

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