GM0LVI/p Isle of Barra, Story & Photo

3 May 2017

Dave GM0LVI informs DxCoffee readers:

“Barra is a tiny, windswept and beautiful little island out in the Atlantic and reached by a four and a half hour ferry trip from mainland Scotland. I arrived late evening so didn’t get the 12m pole with a trapped 20/30m GP erected until the following morning. The QTH was a holiday cottage with the sea just a few metres away from the base of the pole. It was also at the southern end of the beach runway and under the flight path of the small planes that land there during low tide so before we left home I checked with the airport that my antenna would not cause a hazard.

To say propagation was poor during the five and a half days I was QRV on the island would be an understatement as it was awful most of the time and 20m closed completely at times. Being fairly far north during times of ionospheric disturbances is not the best of latitudes for playing radio. I did though find a few very brief openings to the Far East and a good number into NA. One big surprise for the operators at both ends of the QSO, was with KL7TH – Traci who knew Barra very well having worked on the island a few years ago and who had also lived on South Uist. The world of amateur radio is a small one!”


12 April 2017

Dave GM0LVI will be active from Isle of Barra, IOTA EU-010, 16 – 22 April 2017 as GM0LVI/P.
Operate on HF Bands.
QSL via home call.

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