J70VR & …. by Heli DD0VR and Bigi DE3BWR [Update]

18 december 2017

Heli DD0VR informs DxCoffee Readers:

A warm hallo to all! Today we was on license bureau to become the 8P call.

But I must come tomorrow again to take my call .

Regards de Heli . 73


17 december 2017

Heli DD0VR informs DxCoffee Readers:

“Hi to all and we stay here to the flight to Bridgetown today .

Tomorrow I will go to become the licence in the bureau .”

73 Heli



17 december 2017

Heli DD0VR informs DxCoffee Readers:

“Hi again to all !

Here the requested Dates : Barbados 17.12.-31.12.2017 ( No call in Moment , only personally in the agency , my wish was 8P0VR ? in the application I´ve sended in January ) , Martinique 31.12.2017-10.1.2018 FM/DD0VR ( from here we made a daytrip or two , without licence to meet J69BB ) , Dominica 10.1.2018- 14.1.2018 J70VR , Guadeloupe 14.1.2018-20.1.2018 FG/ DD0VR .

Regards de Heli DD0VR .”

Ciao , Ciao !


27 november 2017

Heli DD0VR informs DxCoffee Readers:

“Hi to all! Here my license in Dominica . It was not possible to become license in St.Lucia (Application sended January 2017!!!), also I heard nothing from Barbados, but I read, I must go personally to the agency to become the license without problems, they never replay via e mail or phone/fax. We´ll start 16´th of December to Barbados, flight after some days to Martinique, after a week we take the ferry boat to Dominica for some days, than we travel to Guadeloupe with the ferry and flight back around the 20´th of January in 2018. The equipment for the DX-travel  SSB KX3 + HL1.1KFX 40/20/15/10 m IOTA QRG´s, CW only qrp with KX2 + Begali Adventure  QRP-QRG´s. Antennas are Hyendfed.nl 40m/20m QRO 4 kW, multiband 800 W Hyendfed.nl, mostly my selfbuild quad 20/15/10 m if it´s enough space for it. I´ll announce before I start in the “dx-summit.fi “the activity . The pictures comes in the best quality from my wife Bigi DE3BWR  to You. The pictures I send before comes fom my mobilphone and are not so high quality. I hope to become in Barbados the call 8P0VR, but we will see. From Martinique we will make a daytrip or two to meet J69BB personally, and have a look without license around, because I have contact to some hams stateside have heavy problems with customs there and become the equipmant back after they pay 375$ fine to custom. I´ll risk this not. For all QRPérs  I listen often between the Guns and have for that a T2FD 10m/0,5m distance and hear the grass grow in the air. I´ll call between the guns in this sequence “there are a ladiestation, schoolstation, mobilstation, any  QRP, a C14″? and listening for a wile to give all a chance, also our club members here in Rosenheim. I´ll end a correct QSO with Ciao, Ciao. So I hope all will be well and wish You all the best , good healthy a merry christmas and a happy new Year.”

Best 73/72/55/88 de Heli DD0VR and Bigi DE3BWR 


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