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1. The preparations for the 2017 edition of the Atlantykron Summer Academy are on-going these days. During the first week of August, a large group of more than 300 young and enthusiastic people from all the Romania (and not only) will follow a large range of courses on an island in the middle of the Danube river, not far away from the Black Sea. Among these courses, a main role will have the Ham Radio Workshop presented again this year by a group of A.R.R. members, leaded by Mircea Carnicianu YO4GKP. The workshop will have his traditional special callsign YP0IP and a radio station will operate with it all the week, making also demo QSO’s for the students. Details about this activity will be published live (also in english) on the webpage where you can see now stories, images and videos from the last year’s editions.
2. You can meet our members at Friedrichshafen Ham Radio 2017 between 14th and 16th of July, where A.R.R. will have the A1-663 stand inside the big Rothaus Halle, alongside with all the friends from EURAO, making together a beautiful project called the “EURAO Boulevard”.
3. The fourth edition of the YO SOTA Marathon organised by A.R.R. will be held this year between 14th and 19th of August in the Western Carpathians (YO/WC mountains). A big international group of more than 10 activators will visit the amazing sightseeings of the Apuseni mountains in the western part of Romania, activating during a week around 15 summits rated at 6 to 8 points each of them. The official release of the YO SOTA Marathon 2017 will be done at Friedrichshafen Ham Radio 2017 inside the EURAO Boulevard. You can read details about the SOTA Marathon concept in the May 2016 edition of the QST Magazine at page 72.

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