PG400TH [Special Event Station]

Jan PA2P informs DxCoffee readers:

“Dear HAM friends around the world,

It is our pleasure to announce a special event station in the Gennep region (South-East Netherlands), celebrating the 400th anniversary of the town hall in Gennep city.

The callsign for this event is PG4ØØTH.

The team of Special Event Station PG4ØØTH is busy with the preparations of the activities.  Please have a look on the corresponding website: .

The activities of Special Event Station PG4ØØTH will take place throughout the year 2017 during 4 to 6 timeslots of each 4 weeks. These timeslots will be disclosed after the licensing agreements are made with the Dutch Telecom Agency.

The first application for a timeperiod of January 30th to February 26th 2017 is made.

We´ll keep you informed.
On behalf of the PG4ØØTH team.”

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One Response to "PG400TH [Special Event Station]"

  1. PA2P, Jan says:

    News from the PG400TH team:

    Our new application has been granted by our Telecom Agency,
    PG4ØØTH will be on the air again for the second time this year from March 20th to April 16th.

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