This Weekend: Holyland DX Contest, Worked All Provinces of China Contest and CQMM DX Contest

The Holyland Contest begins Friday at 21:00 UTC and finishes Saturday at 2100 UTC.

1a. Single operator -MIX (all bands).
1b. Single operator – SSB only (all bands).
1c. Single operator – CW only (all bands).
1d. Single operator – Digital mode (RTTY, PSK31) (all bands).
1e. Single operator – QRP 10w (all bands).
2. Multi operators – single transmitter, all modes, all bands
3. Short Wave Listeners – SWL.

QSO Points:

a. 2 points for each QSO on 1.8 – 3.5 – 7 MHz,
b. 1 point for each QSO on 14 – 21 – 28 MHz.

You may work Israeli stations only.

A note about multipliers: first of all, consider that the Israeli territory is divided into squares, whose sides are 10 Km long, a bit like those grid squares, commonly exchanged during VHF QSO’s. Each square is identified by a letter and a number,(e.g. E14). Besides this subdivision, Israel is made up of 23 administrative regions (identified by two letters, like TA). A square may partly lie in two or more regions. The square and region combination (e.g. E14TA) is called Area and it is provided by Israeli operators during the QSO. The number of Areas worked on each band acts as multiplier. Logs should be sent in Cabrillo format to the contest manager no later than May 31st to 4Z4KX@IARC.ORG .

For further info see

Another major contest is on the air this weekend: the WAPC (Worked all provinces of China). Here are the details of the WAPC:


Amateurs around the world can work any other country during the 24 hour contest period, but contacts with amateurs in China are encouraged.

Date: The WAPC will begin Saturday at 06:00z, and end Sunday at 05:59z.
Bands: 80-40-20-15-10 meters;
Modes: CW, SSB, mixed.

Exchange: Non-Chinese station: signal report with a serial number. Chinese station: signal report with a two character shorthand for the Chinese provinces, municipal cities,autonomous regions, and special administration regions, e.g. 59(9) BJ.

Multipliers: Each distinct Chinese province, municipal city, autonomous region and special administration region contacted on each band, is counted as one multiplier, regardless of the mode. Up to 34 Chinese provincial multipliers are available on each band. Also, each distinct DXCC entity contacted on each band, is counted as one multiplier, regardless of the mode.

Score: For Non-Chinese stations: QSO with Chinese station: 10 points; QSO with same DXCC entity: 1 points; QSO with different DXCC on your own continent: 3 points; QSO with other continent: 5 points. Marine and airborne mobile stations are not counted as multipliers, but worth 5 point.

Log submission: Logs must be submitted via email: no later than April 23, 0600 UTC.

Complete rules are found at:

For CW, we take note of the CQMM (CQ Manchester Mineira DX) contest run by the Brazilian group CWJF. This contest will be taking place from Saturday, 1200 Z through Sunday 2400 Z on 80 – 10 meter bands. This is the biggest CW competion from South America and a great opportunity to work stations World Wide, including rare South American Prefixes.

CQMM DX Contest has a simple exchange and you’ll have a lot of fun working everyone World Wide. Every year, participation number is higher then ever.

Visit The rules are found on The CWJF website is

You may also check out the CW YUDX contest at

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