This Weekend: King of Spain CW Contest

On this weekend you’ll have the opportunity to compete in the King of Spain CW Contest starting Saturday at 1200 UTC and ending Sunday at 1200 UTC.

The bands range from 160 to 10 meters and the categories are: single operator single band, single operator all bands and multioperator. You’ll get 3 points for each QSO with EA stations and 1 point with non EA stations. As exchange, EA stations will give their RST report and the province code:

EA1: AV, BU, C, LE, LO, LU, O, OU, P, PO, S, SA, SG, SO, VA, ZA
EA2: BI, HU, NA, SS, TE, VI, Z
EA3: B, GI, L, T
EA4: BA, CC, CR, CU, GU, M, TO
EA5: A, AB, CS, MU, V
EA7: AL, CA, CO, GR, H, J, MA, SE


Logs must be uploaded to within June 5. Complete rules are on

Also happening this weekend, is the Greek RTTY contesttaking place in the same time frame as the King of Spain, that is from Saturday, 1200 UTC to Sunday, 1200 UTC.

The EU PSK DX contest will also be taking place from Saturday, 1200 UTC until Sunday, 1200 UTC.

The objective of the contest is to establish as many contacts as possible between radio amateurs around the world by using the BPSK63 mode. Everybody can work everybody for QSO and multiplier credit.

It is recommended to use the following frequencies – 80 meters (3.580 – 3.590 MHz), 40 meters (7.040 – 7.050 MHz), 20 meters (14.070 – 14.080 MHz), 15 meters (21.070 – 21.080 MHz), and 10 meters (28.070 – 28.080 MHz).


Single Op All Band (24h/12h)(High/Low)
Single Op Low Bands (High/Low)
Single Op High Bands (High/Low)
Single Op Single Band (High/Low)
Multi-Single (YM/OM)
Multi-Multi (YM/OM)

YM stands for Young men (18 years or younger). High power: 100 W or less. Low power: 10 W or less.

Number Exchange: All EU stations should send signal report plus EU Area Code (example for the County of Sisak and Moslavina, Croatia: 599 EUHRSM). 599 EU.HR.SM or 599 EU HR SM – are not correct reports. There should be no “dots”, no “spaces” between the letters, all 6 letters should be sent together. DX stations should send signal report plus QSO number, starting 001. MOMT DX stations should use a separate serial number sequence for each band. The EU Areas List can be downloaded at

Points: Contacts between stations in the same DXCC Country are worth 1 point. Contacts between stations on the same continent but different DXCC Countries are worth 2 points. Contacts between stations on different continents are worth 3 points. Besides, non-EU stations are credited 5 points for contacts with EU stations.

Multiplier: A multiplier for each different EU Area contacted on each band. A multiplier for each different DXCC Country contacted on each band. Maritime mobile stations are not multipliers, but worth 3 points for any participant.

Send your logs no later than May 26 by uploading them on

Find rules at

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