TZ5XR Mali [Update, 20 March 2017]

20 March 2017

Laurent F5IXR informs DxCoffee Readers:


Some news from Mali, I’m still active and would be active until 2019 minimum so bother to want to break the pile-up anyway, if not for this time it will be for a next time.

I’m currently active on 40, 20, 17, 12, 10 M and CW basically because it’s the easiest for me because I only have 100W and a simple dipole. I cannot work on 80 and 15 M with the ICOM7300 it doesn’t automatic tune. I plan to bring back a manual tuning box the next time I go to France to solve the problem.
For the 160M with 100W, I do not know if it’s really worth it, all the stations I heard have much better traffic conditions and I heard them 55. I will try anyway in the future to find an antenna adequate to my QTH but it seems complicated. I have an amplifier that should arrive in the middle of the year, only 300W output but it will be better than nothing.

About me, I am not a DX expedition. I practice radio in my free time, often after a busy day. The QSL is free via buro, just have patience. Those who send F5MXH directly to receive it faster are asked to participate as usual. For LOTW, we will upload once we have received a significant number of QSLs to avoid too many errors in uploaded logs. I stopped the radio for more than 15 years, the recovery was difficult, but it’s like cycling, it does not get lost! and no problem anymore.

So I ask a little patience for some OM, when I start a call sign, I like to concretize it, even if I have him repeat 20 times his calling code, often drowned in the QRM because I am stubborn.

 I would do a recording soon so that you can realize how difficult it is sometimes to hear the stations even with all the filters and accessories just because the QRM level is such that it is impossible to eliminate it but I do with and I am applying to get the call signs in the noise.

When the propagation is present, it completely changes the way of trafficking since I manage to reach the 150 QSO per hour without any problem. There are some good sporadic openings on 10M sometimes just for an hour, but surprising.

I am also surprised by the number of double in my log. I am currently at 5700 QSO registered and I have 259 double? Often always the same stations that contacted me in the month 7 or 8 times on the same bands, what is the interest ? They insist in the pile-up as it was the first time, I am obliged to answer them to release the frequency of their call, because often they have big stations.

Some news about the modes, I just configure the RTTY and I would do some QSOs soon. Thank you for being indulgent, I have never done before! Hi!

Good traffic to all and best 73’s,

TZ5XR Laurent


16 May 2016

Laurent F5IXR informs DxCoffee Readers:

“Hi DxCoffee readers,

It is not an expedition, but my work, and i should stay in Mali for one year with some periods in France. I will go back in france on 1st  June and come back in malia 5 july until 12 august.




14 May 2016

Laurent F5IXR is now active from Mali as TZ5XR until 2 June 2016.

QSL via F5MXH, LoTW.


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