YN2MG, YN2KW, YN2WL & YN2MF Nicaragua

Harold “Marty” Fitzgerald W5MF informs DxCoffee readers:

“Announcing DXpedition to Granada, Nicaragua

A team of four hams, sponsored by Texas DX Society, will be operating near Granada, Nicaragua beginning March 20 and ending March 27.

Included will be participation in the 2017 CQ WPX Phone contest March 25 and 26, operating as station YN2KW, multi-op, single transmitter on all bands, low power.

During other times, the team will be operating with their own call signs on Phone, CW, RTTY, and other digital modes.  We will have equipment to make some satellite contacts as time and weather permit.

Keith Dutson NM5G/YN2MG

Ken Mitchell KD2KW/YN2KW

Bill Fahle K5WL/YN2WL

Marty Fitzgerald W5MF/YN2MF


Bob Walworth N5ET – QSL Manager”


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