RI0B IOTA Arctic Legend Dxpedition

Let’s talk about RI0B, the Russian Dxpedition currently underway to some rare islands, very interesting for the IOTA chasers and also for their position in the Arctic territory.

This article reports a presentation of this activity, typed by Enrico IZ5CML in the hamradioweb forum. Here we publish an excerpt from that forum.

In these September days, a Russian team is conducting an important Dxpedition to several very rare Arctic Russian islands, of course valid for the IOTA award, but also very interesting for those who love Dxing, given their exotic position.

These are the IOTA references being activated and the course covered with their vessel.

AS-054, AS-121, AS-104, AS-068, AS-087, AS-005.

On the first days of their trip, they were active from the boat as RT9K/MM.

RI0B is a callsign that was already used in 2001, with one of the first IOTA DXpeditions in that area, especially after the fall of Communism. That Dxpedition was famous for a fascinating video, “Lost Island”, that I contributed to exhume and publicize on the net. Worth noting, some operators of the current Dxpedition had also partecipated in the one of 2001.

It’s a matter of personal taste, but I am intrigued by those places in the far North and East parts of Russia, very remote and with very scarce human presence.

Some of these islets, except for a few military settlements during the Communist era, have seen less people than certain DXCC entities like Bouvet or Peter One!

The operators have brought a lot of equipment, K3, TS-590, solid state amplifiers, and a Depot beam antenna and it’s possible to hear them on the air without problems.

There is a daily record of this Dxpedition, in Russian. An automatic translator can be used, even though it leaves a lot to be desired…


I also found a couple of English articles about the Russian Arctic. The former is about the town of Dikson, one of the main outposts of that area, where the RI0B team stopped before leaving for AS-121.


The latter is devoted to “KHODOVARIKHA”, a small weather station on the Barents sea, manned for several months in the year by only one inhabitant, Slava. There is a an interesting video with English subtitles.



Activity from AS-068 is cancelled. A few hours ago RA3CQ wrote:

At the end the main generator failed. During the end of the last day in AS-104 only 100W were used. Then they’ll move from AS-104 to AS-087, skipping AS-068 for lack of time. The vessels must be back in Saint Petersburg by October 7 before the floodgates will be closed . They will try to repair the generator in AS-087 and hope to be back at full power, otherwise they will stick to 100W for all the three stations.

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