DxCoffee Expressly for DXers  founded in December 2009.

These pages are the “distilled” version of the Italian language site DXCoffee.com. They were created, and are maintained, to update the international ham community about projects and news concerning our main passion, DXing, which should transcend all language barriers.

We have tried, since the beginning of our web adventure, to establish a new way to promote and talk about ham radio and DXing. A young team, mostly under the age of 40, opted for a fresh, and passionate style. Ham radio is about sharing experiences and feelings. Ham radio operators are not bureaucrats. We’re amateurs passionate about our hobby and DX. That’s our insignia. You’ll feel that any story you read in these pages.

We are convinced DXing is, first of all, a state of mind, not just a hobby. Therefore, we’re constantly on thelookout for the “story of the day” on the radio scene, with interviews from the starring characters of DXpeditions, new software developers, association chiefs and everyone else involved in the evolution of our activity.

We do ourselves proud in also offering a column full of “upcoming”events, a sort of “News Alert” about soon to be happening DXpeditions, special activations, and everything you’ll be able to find on your radio, occuring now, within a few hours or a few days.

The Editors

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